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Although it does not seem like it, car rental job is relatively new, compared to many other services. For example, the first registered company dealing with the car rental was German company founded in 1904; the first car, a Mercedes, was made around a decade before that, and was severely ridiculed, but soon everybody received it as a necessity of modern life.

We are still led by this. We cannot always have our car with us, especially if we are in a tourist visit, and nowadays, the car is simply a necessity; car saves time and money, provides comfort like no other means of transport.

When we started, we had a few selected clients and several luxury cars which we constantly carefully maintained.

We have always been led by the impressions of our clients and always wanted to learn something new from them; we wanted them to have the most comfortable driving, and to make the time spent on care and searching for the car - less, so we have introduced a variety of services for which we are still extremely appreciated: delivery of vehicles to the airport, hotels, in general, to any address suitable for taking the car over, but we also offer a car with a driver for one or more passengers, as well as cars with seats for more passengers in general.

Over time the number of our clients and vehicles increased, but our basic principle has remained the same: we always want the client get out from our car satisfied. Out of a small agency with few cars, we have become one of the best agencies that operate in Belgrade.

We remember, however, who we are and where we come from; the first vehicle we ever rented now stands in a special part of our garage and keeps all the memories, ups and challenges of the Citycar.

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