Why are we the best? It's simple. You can get our cars whenever you feel like it, wherever you want. Our fleet is very rich, is renewed each year, and has a large number of luxury models cars of prestigious brands such as Volkswagen, Skoda, Opel and many others; in sedan and caravan variants. We also have many models that are very suitable for more passengers, such as the Mercedes Vito and Opel Vivaro. You can always count on the reliability of our cars. Our vehicles have their technical and aesthetic advantages. We care about both your comfort, and aesthetic quality of our cars which pass daily rigorous checks. Our cars are abundant in additional equipment you can get for a certain charge (Wi-Fi signal, GPS device, child seat). Also, for the sake of your safety, CASCO and travel insurance are provided. The basic insurance package includes 20% of the participation in damage, while CASCO insurance or exemption from costs in case of an accident, is additionally paid. Visit us every day from 8 to 22h and become one of our many satisfied customers!

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